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Public Washroom Experience

By Admin • May 23, 2019
If cleanliness is godliness, then public washrooms may be the gateways to hell.

It is altogether too common an experience to be completely disgusted by public bathrooms in places like malls, offices, or indeed any public buildings or businesses that are shared by a large population. And it is indeed a rare occasion and pleasant (almost shocking?) surprise when we encounter a public toilet that is clean and fresh.

Everyone Notices The State of Your Toilets


Ladies Bathroom

This is an announcement to any business that caters to the public or a large group of people on a daily basis: Everyone notices the state of your toilets, takes mental notes and talks about it. They notice which businesses are mindful of doing their best, and which ones obviously don’t care about their experiences. And this can leave strongly negative or strongly positive impressions about your establishment, your business, your image.


The Favorite Solution is Actually Making It Worst

To be fair, the eternal toilet problem is hardly unknown to managers. Toilets are perhaps the most continuously contaminated place in any establishment with multitudes of dangerous and harmful bacteria being left behind 24/7. Odor issues that are a direct result of this microbial buildup are a never ending battle to contend with, and on top of that, many people still smoke in toilets which adds an additional layer of grossness to everything. Very large sums of money, very large chunks of time and very large portions of manpower can be spent on this seemingly endless and uphill toilet battle. And the absolute favorite weapon in this war is actually the most ineffective and harmful: Fragrance. 1) Fragrances are carcinogenic and are linked to the development of many diseases, including cancer, and 2) adding artificial fragrance on top of gross toilet smell has never fooled anyone. Ever. In order to get rid of bacteria and odors or any kind of pollutant, they must be eradicated at a molecular level. This means that merely hosing down, mopping, drying, cleansing or spraying fragrances will not solve any problems, no matter how many people you have working in your toilets for how many hours.


Disinfect Right Away

However, there is light within all of this darkness. There is a superhero that can solve all of these problems in one simple flush or twist of a tap: Ozone water.
Let us share with you what Ozone water can do:
● Ozone water is the most powerful sanitizer known to science today, but is completely natural and is completely chemical free.
● Ozone water is 50 times more powerful and more than 3000 times faster in its disinfecting power than chlorine, but it leaves no chemical residue or odor and is easy and completely safe to handle because its only by-product is pure water.
● Ozone water can eradicate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens and man made toxins.
● Ozone water requires no use of hot water, because it’s far more powerful than hot water.
● Ozone water is generated on site and is infused into a water supply, so it does not require repeated purchasing or storing.
● Ozone water has no adverse effect on the environment and is therefore completely green and environmentally sustainable.

What does this mean? It means that with every flush, harmful bacteria, contaminants, odors are destroyed. I means that the water running out of your taps becomes your natural disinfectant. It means that hosing down, washing, mopping and wiping with this water requires infinitely less chemicals, detergents, hot water. Because your running water is your disinfectant, you need far less people and far less time to do a far more effective cleaning job. This means you cut costs and vastly improve your customers toilet experience in one fell swoop.


A Truly Clean and Fresh Washroom

We at Medklinn have been helping businesses across all industries raise their bar on hygiene standards, increase quality of services to clientele, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and become more environmentally friendly for over 12 years. Medklinn’s 03 Hydro Ozone Water system can turn your water into a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer that cleans your toilets and indeed any public spaces in your business. Our expertise lies in our patented technologies and our ability to tailor an ozone water cleaning system for the unique needs and requirements for each individual client. Our passion is rooted in our knowing that there is indeed a better way to deliver the absolute best in hygiene, while spending far less money, time, energy and effort, and with far less damage on the environment we live in.

Give your clients, employees or customers the satisfaction of experiencing a truly clean and fresh toilet. Keep the people that pass through your establishment satisfied, healthy and happy. Contact our team at Medklinn today to see what we can do for you.


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